Dave & Desirée look forward to welcoming you aboard their home, Majestic Spirit. They are both RYA/MCA Qualified. Dave is a Yacht Master and Desirée is a Day Skipper. This fun loving South African couple will make you feel like part of the family the minute you arrive and will go out of their way to ensure that your vacation is the best you will ever have. They love children, families, groups of friends... just everyone! Together, they have owned a number of successful businesses in the hospitality industry that they have combined here to make your vacation unforgettable. Life can be so much fun... if you allow fun to happen.

Dave has traveled extensively, having also lived in Holland, Spain and Mozambique, where he opened a dive center with Desirée at an exclusive private resort. The ocean has always been a part of Dave's life and he has sailed extensively on the east and west coasts of Southern Africa. Having been chartering in the Caribbean for the past eight years, he knows all the special hidden locations that just spell WOW!. If you are looking for someone with a sense of humor... look no further... he has a philosophy that you need to laugh at least 50 times a day, or that day has been wasted. Should you wish to explore the underwater world... Dave was also an SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor, teaching all the way up to assistant instructor with 28 specialties in between.... so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and that Dave will make sure you have a lot of fun... whatever activity you are doing whilst on board.

Desirée is the "Admiral" and is an absolute and invaluable gem that ensures that all guests eat extremely well. Her gourmet dishes are exceptional... with one young guest even saying... "it was like eating happiness". At the 33rd Annual CYS Charter Yacht Show held at Nanny Cay in November 2014, Desirée entered all categories in the Charter Chef Culinary Competition and received "Honorable Mention" for all her dishes. Desirée is a qualified nutritionist who also owned her own "famous" seafood restaurant and has also traveled extensively, thus adding a number of global dishes to her menu, from Italian pastas to mouth watering Indian Curries, Thai stir fries to South American ceviche and more.

All meals on board are made from scratch, with lot's of TLC and her own special magic touch. Desirée is a water baby, loves the ocean and is also an SSI Dive Control Specialist (dive master / assistant instructor), avid conservationist and underwater photographer who will happily show you all the smaller critters in the ocean that you would normally never see. Desirée strives for the all round comfort of her guests, making sure that Majestic Spirit is always "your home away from home".

A common sight at dinner... guests licking their plates...

Dave & Desirée recently signed up with the Children's Wish Foundation International and are proud to now be a part of the program, offering a fully paid trip on Majestic Spirit once a year, to affected children and their families. This is something that they have long wanted to be a part of.

Desirée's hobbies include parachuting, bungee jumping and other adrenaline activities. She was also a Karate Instructor and tri-athlete. Desirée speaks English, Afrikaans, Zulu and a little Spanish and Portuguese.

Dave's hobbies include IT, woodwork, fixing things and teaching people about the ocean.... oh... and if telling jokes is a hobby... then that too. He speaks a few languages, including English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Spanish and can get by with a little Portuguese, German and Italian.

They have a motto - "Arrive as guests - leave as part of our growing family". Dave & Desirée look forward to welcoming you aboard Majestic Spirit.