Our guests mean the world to us and we really try to make their vacation special. Here is what they said about their experience with us.



GUEST COMMENTS - 26 Jan to Feb 1 - 2018

Desiree, Dave & Taniell

Where to begin... because of the three of you, this trip exceeded every expectation I had before coming. There is nothing that the three of you didn't do to make every day fun and exciting.

Despite heavy winds, Capt Dave somehow found the calmest paths to cross.

We all disembark having gained the prerequisite weight due to the amazing meals Desiree prepared effortlessly.

What an added treat to have Taniell on board - always a smiling face and a mermaid in the sea.

In the weeks to come and years ahead I know I will think back to my time on Majestic Spirit with a smile and a twinkle and look forward to coming back to film what I know will be the best commercial Coca-Cola has done in years - I look forward to coming back and sharing more food fun and Coca-Cola as soon as possible. Until then "may the seas rise to meet you, the sun always be at your back, and the wind be whatever direction and speed you desire".

With love & gratitude

Philip (Guernsey) & Laura (Atlanta, Georgia)


Dave Taniell & Desiree

As my first time in the Caribbean... can't have been much better!

Can't wait to see your starring role in the Coca-Cola Commercials.

All Love



Dave, Taniell & Desiree

Thank you so much for a totally fantastic and relaxing time.

You guys are amazing and I can't wait to be back aboard Majestic Spirit.


Nick (Guernsey)


Guest Comments - 11-18 January 2018

January 18 - 2018

Dear Dave and Desiree...

You two set the bar when it comes to professionalism and service.

It has been a great pleasure being on board the "Majestic Spirit" with you both. We have never seen two people enjoy what they do more than our wonderful captain and admiral.

Every detail of our trip with you was covered brilliantly!!

Great fun, GREAT FUN and great new friends... Unforgettable!!

Happy sailing and stay safe.


Rob & Robin Finnesey

Chester, NJ, USA

January 18 - 2018

Dear Des & Dave

What can we say? Ditto, ditto, ditto... this was our 5th sail boat and definitely the best!

You guys are top notch with everything you do. The week went way to fast.

Boat is beautiful, weather was gorgeous, you guys are the best.

Thank you for a lovely vacation.

Sue & "Barracuda" Bruce Roddy

W.Orange, NJ

Dear Desiree & Dave

"TOP NOTCH" describes every bit of our time aboard the "Majestic Spirit".

The Grenadines are amazing, however, you made them spectacular. We cannot thank you enough for a wonderful week of sailing.

Your endless energy and accommodations are so appreciated. Love you!

Judi & Roger Burgdorf

Madison, NJ

January 18 - 2018

Desiree and Dave

Can't describe in words how our first catamaran cruise went for us. This was an incredible experience, both due to the friends we brought on board, but also the friends we met on board.

The food was out of this world fabulous and the sailing, marvelous!

Thank you very much for making our first sailing cruise a grand experience.

Best Regards

Cherie & Jerry Burgdorf

Evansville, IN



GUEST COMMENTS - 22 Nov - 3 Dec 2017

Dave & Des

What else can we say that we haven't already said - WOW!!

Great trip - again. We love you guys like family.

Thank you so much! Fun & great food!

Until next time....


Pirates forever.


3rd Dec 2017

Dear Dave & Des

Thank you so much for another incredible vacation! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... you outdid yourselves!

Everything was perfection! Every detail, every day! We love you both!

Our dear pirate friends - See you soon X

Mike & Michelle


Dave & Desiree

Time flies when we had so much fun.

Aside from all your work, I appreciate you both being comfortable people with us.

So many laughs!! "Change the sheets!!"

Till we meet again.

Thanks, thanks & thanks.

Chockie & Clifford Hoyle


Dec 3, 2017

Our wonderful friends - now considered family - Dave & Des, what can we say - 3 years in a row we've spent with you, getting to know you better & better.

It's the 1 vacation we begin to plan again as soon as we leave you. The islands around Grenada are as beautiful as you said - maybe even more beautiful.

Troy and I would love to have you come visit Colorado - BUT - Desiree must cook :)

Best to you both - see you soon!

Troy & Kelly Chacon


Guest Comments 5-12 August 2017



Dear Dave & Desiree


What a great week! So great to be with you again. Once again - what a fabulous trip on new islands with you. We love the boat and you guys.


Dave always an amazing captain. We appreciate your smiles, jokes and never ending willingness to do whatever we want to do.


Desiree, an amazing chef and hostess with the mostest.


We had a wonderful time. We hope to do it again in the future. Fabulous memories of great islands, water, people, food, sports, diving etc. It was a great adventure. Thanks so much for everything. We love our T-shirts and maps.


Best Always








August 12 2017


Dear Dave & Desiree


Thank you for another unforgettable vacation! We are so glad we were able to make more special memories with both of you. Both of your fun energies and hilarious stories make the trip even better for us.


Desiree, we don't understand how you make the fabulous meals you make, and for once we are happy to say we gained 15 pounds b/c it was all that good!


Dave, you managed to win every time when we went tubing and we had some great laughs we'll never forget. Thank you for being the most amazing addition to our trip yet again and we hope to see you both in the near future.


Much Love


Lynn and Sydney




Dear Dave & Desiree


I had the best time on the Majestic Spirit with you two.


Thank you for taking care of us so well, giving us the best food EVER, and for making this such an amazing vacation. There was not a moment of dullness or boredom aboard your boat. It was truly the best vacation ever and I hope we do it again soon with you. Thanks for everything again!!


Chloe B


(August 12th 2017)




Aug 2017


Dave & Desiree


This has been one, if not the most memorable, relaxing and memory making trips of my life and for our entire family.


Thank you for the incredible food, hospitality, warmth, generosity and spirit. Your boat has been appropriately named.


We have loved every moment aboard and will look back on our time with you fondly... until the next!!


With Love


Vanessa B






Dave & Desiree


Thank you so much for giving Vanessa, Sophie, Chole and myself a wonderful week of fun in the sun!! It has been an experience that we will never forget.


Both of you worked so very hard to give us this incredible week. The "Majestic Spirit" is a very special boat - so comfortable and such a warm and inviting environment that you have created.


AND to our WONDERFUL Chef Desiree, I do not know how you did it... every single meal was wonderful and DELICIOUS. Thank you for everything and for making us feel so welcomed.


See you on the next charter soon!






Dave & Desiree


Well, trip #2 is in the books!! And once again you have delivered a fantastic vacation.


We look forward to our vacation every year and many times the expectation is too high and the vacation can't live up to it... but not with you. It always exceeds our expectations.


Desiree, your food is beyond amazing and your infectious laugh always comforting.


Dave, you seem to be in control of every situation and that, along with your easy going attitude leaves us feeling safe and relaxed.


And let's not forget both of your great senses of humor! That simply makes the trip extra fun!


Thank you both for a wonderful week. We had an awesome time and we sincerely appreciate it. Until next time!!


My very best




PS: I'm going to adopt "My Darling" and see how it goes :)



Guest Comments - June 19-26 2017


Dave & Desiree


Thank you both for another great week of sailing, water sports, jokes and great food!


You  both are such wonderful people and I'm glad we've all become such good friends.


Hope to see you down in Grenada!






Dave & Des


Thank you so much for another amazing trip! You showed us some new places we had never been before, and new snorkel spots.


Food was amazing as always!


Till next time, thanks again!




PS: Hope to see you stateside!




Dave & Desiree


Many thanks for another gorgeous vacation to many beautiful island bays. Snorkeling was so much fun, especially my favorite - sea turtles! Your insight to the best spots to see and do is so very appreciated by us all.


We can't wait to see you again in your new location. Safe travels to you and looking forward to our next charter with you to Grenada!


Majestic Spirit for Life!


Love Beth & Ron




Thank you guys so much for the best week ever!!!! I appreciate everything you guys did, especially your amazing cooking Desiree! I will never forget the amazing memories made on this trip!








Dave & Desiree


This week I checked things off my bucket list that I never knew existed! What a week of amazing experiences!!


Thank you both for being awesome hosts, but better friends. It was a week filled with good laughs, GREAT food and breath taking destinations. Also, you helped set up my proposal/ engagement, and it was epic! There's no other place, people, or boat that I would've wanted to make memories with!


Hope to see you again soon & best of luck on your sail to Grenada.







Guest Comments - June 2017

Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree

You have truly been such wonderful hosts. It has been a trip of a lifetime.

You so graciously shared your home with us!

We will cherish the family memories forever.

Des, your cooking was outstanding, even Keith enjoyed it.

Dave, you kept us laughing with your stories and jokes.

Please let us know when you make it to New Orleans. We would love to show you some of our favorite spots!

The Crochets


I liked all of the water sports. The food was really good, especially the pop tarts.

Thanks for the pirate eye patch and bandana.

I liked Captain Dave's stories.

Love Logan (9)


Dear Dave & Desiree

Thank you for such a wonderful experience in the BVI's.

Our family has had a truly fantastic time!

You have been wonderful hosts and opened your to us making us feel very welcomed!

The stories, interesting facts and jokes were great!

Fran, Keith, Allen, Linden, Alyce, Melaina, Beau and Logan



GUEST COMMENTS: New Years Charter on Majestic Spirit

Firstly from our VIP'S (Kids aged 4 to 8)


To Capton Dave a Dez

Thank you so so so so so so so much for this trip. It was one of the best trips ever, and believe me I have had a lot of good trips. (turn to the next page)

I am not good at drawing. (He drew a picture of the boat in our guest book)

Thank you so much for this trip! It was awesome

Love Graham Lewis


Thank you for this lovely trip.

The food was really good.

Love Des Dave

Wren Lewis


Deer Desrae and Captin Dave

Think you for teeching me how to wing. It was very fun. I can't whate to come back.

Love Charlie Gugliotta


This is a sail boat. I love your boat.



Now the Parents :)


Dear Desiree & Captain Dave

I could never have imagined the fun we would have on this trip! Your boat is perfect for families.

Each morning when we woke up we were so excited for the adventures we would have.

From the delicious food to the water toys and fun chats at happy hours.

Each day was PERFECT!!

We can't wait to come back. Thank you for all your hard work and hospitality.

All the best to you in 2017!


The Gugliotta's


Dear Diary - I mean Capt Dave & Des

Thank you for an amazing experience aboard Majestic Spirit.

We will keep these memories with us all of our lives and for that we thank you.

Thanks for the great stories, for showing our children all about pirates and the aqua wing.

Here's to the next trip and may it be sooner rather than later!

Best wishes

Amanda & Chris Lewis.

Guest Comments : Christmas Charter 2016

Dave & Desiree

Wow!How to put this incredible Christmas vacation into words on paper seems very unjust.

We had the best family time in the BVI and you two were the main reason why. The water, the weather, snorkeling, wake boarding, aqua fin and of course the FOOD. Everything was of the absolute Best! But having two new incredible people to call our friends was the best Christmas gift!

Thank you so much, we can't wait to come back!

Love Paul & Dena Sauer.


Dave & Desiree

Thank you so much for the most amazing trip in the BVI! This was by far the best Christmas trip ever! We had so much fun wake boarding, snorkeling, using the aquanaut, eating and laughing with you guys.

We are so thankful to call you friends and can't wait to come back aboard the wonderful Majestic Spirit!

Love Maddy (Queen Conch), Makenzie (Princess Conch), Tyler Sauer

PS: Great time at the Pirate Show!


Guest Comments 27 Nov - 4 Dec 2016
12/2016 "Our only friends are Pirates"

Dear Dave & Des.

What an Amazing Adventure this was for us!


Each day out-doing itself - from the moment we arrived on your lovely Majestic Spirit we felt your and Des' hospitality & true love of what you do.

Des, your food was delicious! So much attention to detail, so beautifully prepared. Just when we thought it could not get any better - you'd go into your kitchen and prove us wrong!

7 Days of amazing creations have left me a little envious of your culinary skills and I fear, more than a little heavier!!

Captain Dave, my cheeks still hurt from laughing so much!

Thank you for navigating us through those rocky seas that 2nd day - thank you for sailing us directly into the sunset (to make up for the rough seas the day before, haha) the 3rd day - thank you for taking us to swim with the turtles and exploring the reef.

Dave & Des, thank you both for the use of your home and your many talents that made our trip with you the "trip of a lifetime". What a shock it's going to be when I'm sitting at my breakfast table tomorrow (in 10 deg F weather) and I have to make my own food!! HAHA - I promise you it won't be nearly as good as Des'.

Until next time our dear friends...

See you soon!

Much love

Mike & Michelle Adams

Windsor CO.

PS: Thank you Des for letting me use your mask! And a special thank you to you both for the dance party you threw! WooHoo!! What Fun!


December 2016

Great Food + Great Friends + Great Captain + Great Cook = Wonderful trip.

Thank you

Sue Scott


December 2016

Dave & Des,

First off, Merry Christmas! What an amazing trip!

Dave, you are a fantastic captain and quite the entertainer! Have you thought about stand up comedy after this gig? You should!

Des, thank you for all the amazing meals - WOW! Thanks for the extra pounds too - NOT!

Fabulous vacation!! We'll do it again


Judy & Doug

Windsor Colorado

PS: Are we family now?


Dave & Des

2nd trip with you two on the Majestic Spirit and just as magical!

We adore you both and will be here again next year.

The memories made with you and our family/friends, will last a life time.

The food is amazing and sure to add lots to the scales every time.

Cheers until our next adventure.

Troy & Kelly Chacon

"Our only friends are Pirates"

Love you guys!!


Guest Comments - Nov 2016

Des & Dave

Thank you for an amazing trip - what a great way to spend thanks giving!

We relaxed and Ruby, Nola and Thea had so many memorable experiences.

We are so appreciative that you kept bringing the adventures to them!


Kristin & Dave

San Francisco, CA

Guest Comments 29 July - 3 August


Thank you guys for sharing your world with us. We had an amazing time and will count the days till we can see it again.

You always have a place to stay in Dallas Texas.



You guys were amazing! This vacation will go down in the books as the best experience we've ever had.

We love you guys!

The Gerich's


WOW!! When we started looking for a boat & came across Majestic Spirit, we knew this was the one & boy were we right.

Thank you for the amazing trip, food, adventure & friendship. We will see you again SOON!

The Brandt's


Guest Comments June 2016

Dear Dave and Des

I would like to thank you for a great family vacation and making our 20 year anniversary something special.

Your magic touch and Majestic Spirit kept all of our kids happy and entertained (quite a feat). They will remember this trip for many things, the most of which would be first time wake boarding for two of them and snorkeling they will never forget.

Your stories of the islands and how you came to be here were great to learn and we thank you for sharing your home with us.

Best wishes and happy sailing

Jon, Kristen, Cade, Rylan, Cara, Curt (Doc) & MJ


Guest Comments 25-30 May 2016

Dear Desiree & Dave

Well, if this is really a "complaints book", then I will end right here!

Great trips are comprised by many things - venue, activities, food + whatever + so forth. But as you reflect back often what you remember most is the company you kept. Your authentic selves have the great ability to make most anyone feel at home. I suppose, as I know we certainly did!

Many thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us! Des - your cooking is award winning + Dave - your attentiveness to the ship puts all at ease - even Jim!!

Thank you both for the wonderful SCUBA!!


Elizabeth (aka Scuba Girl) & Jim

PS: Make a cook book!


Guest Comments 22-30 April 2016

Dave & Desiree
Thank you for the most amazing vacation! The destinations were beautiful and the cooking was fabulous! I will remember this trip forever!
Thanks again

Dave & Desiree
Thanks for the great time and great trip.
See you NEXT trip.

Guest Comments 16-20 April

Des & David

Thank you for the most amazing vacation. The food and destinations were incredible, but truly the best part was the friendships we developed with yall along the way. Nothing could beat Dave's stories with Des's frequent interruptions. You guys are amazing.
We had the best time and look forward to doing it again very soon.
Best Wishes and happy voyages
Adam & Cynthia (New Orleans)

Des & Dave
Thank you so much for four fabulous days on the Majestic Spirit.
Our only regret was not booking longer!!
Enjoyed the amazing snorkelling and water sports!
Especially loved Bobby's scuba initiation.
You are a lovely couple, very engaging and taking care of all our needs!
Food was amazing and so were the you tube videos.
Love Holly & Bobby (New Orleans)
4/16 - 4/20 2016

After Charter review sent to the broker...

Name of yacht             :       Majestic Spirit

Dates of Charter         :       4/16/16 – 4/20/16

Name of Charterer     :       Hawkins

When you arrived, your first impression of the yacht was:

We were extremely impressed. The boat is very clean, spacious and has plenty of head room.

What did you think about your accommodation? Cabins, beds, bathrooms:

Couldn’t have asked for anything more. The cabins are much roomier than the other boats we have been on and the headspace is very nice. Water pressure was great and we had plenty of it. Beds were large and comfortable.  

Salon, cockpit, deck  space:

The deck space is massive. Each guest had plenty of room to lay out and lounge. The salon area has plenty of seating options as well and is very comfortable. The stereo system in the salon and on the deck was fantastic. Much better than our previous experiences.  

Was the boat kept clean during your charter (your cabins, the bathrooms/heads, your towels, bedding, the cockpit, the galley)?

Desiree and Dave did a great job keeping the boat/rooms cleaned during the charter.

Did you miss anything on board?

We didn’t miss anything on board. Everything we wanted was available to us. Desiree and Dave really pay attention to the little details. From the large plastic cups with our names on them to the champagne flutes with their emblem etched in – everything was first class.

What did you enjoy the most on board?

Tough to answer because we absolutely enjoyed everything. The drinks, food, scuba diving and the pirate party they took us to was all amazing.

Please describe your Captain (professional/outgoing/friendly etc.)

Very professional. Very personable. Great joke teller. Dave and Desiree both did an excellent job of explaining where we were heading to and pointing out the islands’ highlights on the way.

What do you think about your itinerary, the places and bays you visited and the activities you have done?

Aside from telling them we wanted to dive the Rhone, we basically turned the itinerary over to them to decide. We were impressed with every location they took us to. Dave brought us to many great snorkeling and scuba spots and each place we stayed at for the night was beautiful.  

Please describe your chef (professional/outgoing/friendly etc.)

Desiree’s cooking was fantastic. She had a lot of variety and mixed up the meat/fish dishes well. We requested heartier breakfasts and she didn’t disappoint.

Please describe your meals (presentation, quality, quantity)

Perfect in every way. We always had more than enough to eat, the food was presented very well and everyone enjoyed the meals.

Do you feel the meals and drinks reflected the requests you made in your preference sheet?

Very much so. We loved the mixed drinks before each of the dinners.

If you had children in your party, what did the crew do to make their vacation special (food, games, toys, etc)?


Did you receive enough information from us before your trip, was the description of the yacht and crew accurate?


Would you sail with us again?

Absolutely. Would highly recommend the Majestic Spirit!

Any other notes or special remarks you have:

Desire and Dave put a ton of effort into making our experience memorable and it didn’t go unnoticed. They are a great tandem and I’d be shocked if you have a better captain/cook than those two.

May we use your comments as a reference for future guests?


Guest Comments 3-9 April 2016

Dave & Des
Thank you for another amazing vacation. You two are wonderful hosts and as always, make us feel welcome and at home.
The tireless effort you put forward is huge. Everything from the cooking to the mood makes the whole trip & stay memorable. I hope to see you again soon for another adventure in the BVI's.
If you're ever in California you have a place to stay and call home.
Joey Smither (aka Captain Ron)

Dave & Des,
This week with you guys has been one of the best weeks in my life. I've never dreaded getting off of a boat this much before... but sadly all great adventures come to an end.
Thank you sooooooooooo much for taking such good care of us and for showing us such an amazing time. I'm already looking forward to our next trip with you guys on the Majestic Spirit. (I might have to come with an umbrella and some face whitening cream next time for my mom's sake...)
Please let us know if you're ever in New York as we would love to show you guys around (even though we'd suck compared to you two...)
We hope you can also travel around the world in a few years and maybe you'll be able to check out Bejing as well as all the other wonderful places in Asia (where I'm from :) ) . I got you guys a postcard from Bejing as a temptation :)
Thank you so much again and we'll keep in touch!
xoxo - Emerald (aka- Captain Underpants)
PS: Thank you for lending me your plunger & Badass girl underwear!

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for a wonderful week in the beautiful BVI. We all have had such an amazing time and are not ready to leave. Thank you for the great adventure and the tasty food. You both have once again made us feel at home.
If you are ever in NYC, please give us a shout as we would love to say hello. We are already looking forward to our next adventure with you.
Sincerely, Jake Smither (aka Captain Kirk)

Dave & Des
This week just flew by! You have given us so many wonderful memories from both charters!! Having and sharing these times with our entire family means the world to us, and all you have done to ensure we had a great time!
Thank you both for sharing your home, your stories and for including us into your world for a brief time.
If your travels bring you to Los Angeles, you have a home to stay in!
We wish you all the best in the future and hope to return some day.
Hugs - John & Vicki Smither (aka Crimson Pirate & Anne Bonne) - Arrrr

Dave & Des
Thank you for another wonderful charter. This time was just as amazing as the first. This time was even more special as we were able to create life long memories for the kids - having kids on this trip changes everything, it's like rediscovering all the wonder and beauty all over again through their eyes.
Thank you thank you thank you for making this such a wonderful trip for them. The kids, as do we, love you guys and hope our travels bring us back together again one day.
All the best and lot's of love,
Minal, Jason, Brayden & Ava Smither
April 2011.


Guest Comments 26 March - 2 April

Best vacation ever!!
Frances (9)

We are so sad to leave these islands of paradise.
What amazing hosts you have been to us all.
We loved touring the islands with you both. We have made such beautiful family memories that will last a lifetime.
We will remember these days with fondness.
Thank you for the laughs, good food, fabulous sleep and sea life to remember.
We look forward to following your adventures on facebook, especially your round the world trip!

Lot's of love
The Foys

GUEST COMMENTS - 20-25 March 2016

Dave & Desiree
Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat, Majestic Spirit, with us for five lovely days in the BVI.
The chance to just relax, lay in the sun & eat delicious food (that I didn't need to cook!) was a treat.
It was also great to hear your stories - I learned a lot!!
Unfortunately, this is our last few hours on MS ----
Back to Seattle for us.
When your great US adventure takes place, please look us up if you are in the Pacific North West!
Michael, Kelly, Jenna, JP & Elena (Pro-wakeboarder)

Guest Comments - 12-19 March

Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
This was a trip of a lifetime and one that we will treasure always!
Our expectations were GREATLY exceeded... everything was first class from the food to the fun.
Desiree beats any chef in any 5 star restaurant. Simply amazing!
Cocktail hour was one of our favourite experiences... we couldn't wait to see what we would get next!
Sincerest thanks for your wonderful hospitality and for letting us share your home with you for the week.
Rhett, Jill, Riley and Reece - Austin, Texas

Captain Dave & Desiree
This was one of my most favourite trips ever!
I had fun at all the islands and on the boat. The food was amazing and the virgin cocktails were the best!!!
I was so sad when it was almost over.
Thank you for being the best charter boat!

Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
This was the best trip ever thanks to you guys!
We loved all of the stops, and especially enjoyed Mrs Desiree's cooking :)
Thank you again for this awesome vacation!
Riley Francis
***** (5 Stars)

Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
WOW!! - What an amazing week.
Myrt and I had the time of our lives.
Trip far exceeded our expectations.
Saw some amazing scenery - the islands are fantastic - the food was out of this world - Desiree you are the best!!
The variety of foods completely left us amazed at your culinary skills.
Rhett, Jill, Riley & Reece had the best time and thoroughly enjoyed all the water activities - Myrt and I look forward to the possibility of sailing with you in the future.
Love you guys and happy sailing to you.
Myrt Anderson & Chuck Francis - Omaha, NE.


Guest Comments - 12-19 Feb 2016

Dave & Dezi
Brian and I are so grateful for the way we have been so pampered and taken care of while on the Majestic Spirit!
You both are amazing hosts and we can only hope to come back soon for more of this awesome hospitality.
Trip Advisor and everyone we know will hear about our adventures.
I will try and forward some photo's to share.
Again, the food all top notch, the paddle boarding, so fun. Wake boarding for Brian was super, but does remind one that young we are not hee hee!
But we try!
Too much fun Arghh!
Brian and Jill

Dear Dave & Desi
Thank you again for a trip of a lifetime! You are both so friendly all the time and Desi is the best cook ever1
We hope to come back and see you guys soon!
Miss you already!
Craig & Toni

Dave & Desiree
Once again we had an amazing time.
The food and fun is second to none.
These seven days flew by like a drunk Friday night.
We can't wait to get back & see you again real soon.
Steve & Traci

Guest Comments 17-24 Jan 2016

Captain Dave & Desiree
What an amazing week!
To those of us 1st time sailors, your experience and skill put us immediately at ease and allowed for a remarkable experience.
To those experienced sailors in our group, they said it was the best ever!
Des - the food was beyond believing. Your skill and ability result in tasteful and beautiful creations.
You're an incredible team and we are so fortunate to have had you "sail" us through this memorable week.
May we sail together again!
Until then, health, happiness and safe sailing.
Yours "The Natural 8"

Captain Dave & Desiree
What an amazing adventure, between the most fantastic gourmet meals, sunsets, scuba... and the list goes on...
Heartfelt thanks!!
Margy & John

Dear Captain Dave & Desiree
Thanks very much for your incredible hospitality!
Both of you work so hard for our enjoyment.
Feeling blessed to have met you and experienced this Caribbean adventure.
Sandy & Dave

Captain Dave & Desiree
WOW!! Where to start. Amazing boat, incredible food / cocktails, fabulous Captain & Admiral.
Thanks for a true life experience.
Continued safe sailing.
Olwyn & Dave

Captain Dave & Desiree
With our warmest gratitude for your hospitality, scuba diving and delicious meals.
We had a great time aboard Majestic Spirit!!
Larry & Donna

Guest Comments - 27 Dec 2015 - 2 Jan 2016

Desiree & Dave
Happy New Year!
Thank you for sharing you fantastic home with us this week. You have spoiled us with gourmet cooking and warm friendship.
We had a great time & enjoyed being pirates for the night!
Cheers until next time!
Lisa, Rich, Riley & Piper

Dave & Des
Thank you for a fabulous week! We're returning to Delaware tanner, fuller and relaxed, but our hearts will stay in the BVI.
Des - you are a supreme chef. Every meal, snack, cocktail was top notch!
There were so many highlights during this fantastic week!
Debbie, Adam, Noah & Emma

Dave & Desiree
We had an awesome time!!!!
The food was amazing (especially the dessert!)!!
We loved big mable, knee boarding and diving!!
Thanks for turning us into pirates for the pirate show! Hope you like your drawings!
We'll miss you.
Emma & Piper

Guest Comments 19-26 Dec 2015

 Dear Dave & Deezy
This week has been life changing.
Thank you for all of y'alls generosity, time, patience & hospitality to me and my family.
Mrs Deezy, your food was beyond the words of delicious & gorgeous presentation.
Mr Dave, thank you for letting us do water sports for the whole day!
This trip would not have been the same if we did not have you with us. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
PS: I would not have wanted to spend my Christmas with anybody else!
All my love
Tess Kelley

Dave & Dessi
Thank you again for another amazing week in the Caribbean. Your friendship and hospitality is always something that I will always cherish.
Dave, your easy going attitude has taught me that certain things are out of my control, but that life still goes on.
Dessi, your patience is something to admire and your cooking is out of this world.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for the upcoming year.
Love ya'll and take care!
Drew McAlister

Dave & Desiree
Thank you again for a wonderful vacation.
It takes special people to attend to our special needs and I truly appreciate your efforts to include Eason & Noelle in all activities.
Hope to return again.

Desiree & Dave
Thank you for all you have done for my family and I.
I will never forget the memories we have had and cannot wait for the memories to come.
Both of you are awesome people and do amazing things.
Thank you so much

I realized after the fact that I did not write a note in the guest book so I just want to say thank you again for EVERYTHING you did to make our trip over the top… seriously - EVERYTHING in addition to the gracious discount you extended us to allow us to join you again.

There was so much you both did ON TOP OF THAT and I promise NOTHING went unnoticed. Arranging to pick us at at Yacht Haven Grande, the ICE COLD prosecco upon arrival and mocktails for the girls when they stepped on the boat, the stockings hung in the salon with care, the Christmas lights on the sails and in the cockpit, the hasty clean-up of spilled red wine with no screams or complaints, the alternate arrangements to schlep Drew because of my screw up, you both staying up with them way past your bedtime and your genuine concern for Drew, the fashions (which even included PROPS and ANIMALS) and special reserved table you arranged for the awesome pirate party, not only FINDING AND PROCURING a Santa suit, but procuring A SANTA HIMSELF along with WRAPPED GIFTS FOR EVERYONE THAT WERE SOOOOOOO OVER THE TOP and on point (VEUVE CLICQUOT - seriously after I had JUST told Desiree that was my FAVORITE - YES, VIRGINIA, there IS a Santa Claus…. and NO ANGELA, drew-up characters are NOT "for rent" in the BVIs with a phone call like we have in the states like I naively thought when I asked that of you), chicken for Rob instead of fish or shrimp when I specifically said "he would survive and be ok with whatever we were served", diving with Rob in not so suitable conditions, a SWEET 16 birthday party and especially a CAKE that completely blew us ALL away that Noelle will remember forever with a smokin' laser light show to boot, rounds and rounds and rounds of Mabel with first mate Eason on board, t-shirts for everyone on Christmas morning with candy to boot, gorgeous meals, perfect anchorings, patience with our NOT SO PERFECT CREW especially with Eason's transitions and Noelle's innate crabbiness, tolerating my Christmas music for an entire week, there's just so much you did for each of us to make it perfect words do not do adequate justice to express my love and thanks and I am sure I have left out so much. Tess was in awe of your grace, kindness, poise and mostly your culinary abilities, Desi!

Love to you both and praying for bountiful blessings in 2016,

ps. I asked everyone what their favorite part of the trip was:
Noelle - Uh, DUH, the birthday cake with LUKE BRYAN ON IT and the LB iPHONE CASE DESI GAVE ME.
Eason - SANTA (God love her at age 19 for still believing) and the MS t-shirt I got for Christmas LIKE CAPTAIN DAVE's and getting to ride in the dinghy with him.
Rob - just BEING on the water and getting to be UNDER THE WATER

Obviously there is no single answer from ANY of them.


GUEST COMMENTS - CHILDREN'S WISH Charter - 11-17 Dec 2015

I had so much fun doing all the things you planned, even though there were a few bumps and bruises. My favourite was the food you made us!

This week was beyond any of my wildest dreams. Never did I think I would get to listen to Capt. Dave's countless jokes and enjoy Desiree's cooking while sailing on the Caribbean.
Thank you for taking us on so many incredible adventures this week. It will definitely be a week that I will never forget.

Life is good. Thank you so much for such a great week.

Dear Dave & Desiree
As this week is winding down, I sit here and realize what an awesome couple you are to have made our precious son's dream come true.
Thank you will never be enough to let you know how much we appreciate what you have done to make Kent's Children's Wish possible.
From the time Bess contacted us from Children's Wish we knew you were an awesome couple. But we have now seen that you two are the most kind hearted, caring, loving individuals who have such a passion about doing great things!
As we depart we want you to know that you two will always have a very special place in our hearts! We have had an AWESOME week with an AWESOME crew!
Our family motto will forever be... LIFE IS GOOD!!! (Like Capt. Dave says!!)
The Townsend Family

Special thanks to...

* Mr Nice Guy Limo Service for collecting the family at the airport.

* Fat Turtle for welcoming the family to St Thomas with a free meal and drinks.

* Antilles Helicopter Services for reducing the cost of their tour for us.

* Sir Richard Branson and the Necker Island Staff for accommodating us to do a free tour of the island and visit with all the amazing inhabitants.

* Gumption from Sea it Clear Glass Bottom Boat Tours for giving up his time to do the tour at no charge whatsoever.

Guest Comments 2 - 9 December 2015

Our fun, your food, our laughs, your crew (Desiree),
The days flew by, the party nights too.
The thrills of paradise ended too soon!
"Sooper Dave" the perfect host, kept us rolling with jokes and treated us like royalty while Desiree's cooking fattened us folks.
We'll never forget this trip of a lifetime, Best Vacation, Beyond Sublime!
All family - "Everything Good".

Chockie & Cliff
Mickey & Chris
Mark & Beth
Troy & Kelly

Guest Comments 21-28 November 2015

Thank you both sooo much for making our family thanksgiving week memorable!!
Thanks for coming up with many creative ways to help us get rid of Jerry!!!
Tom & Lisa
Richard & Loretta
Kristin & Olivia

Thanks for the black gum drops!!
Loretta & Rit

I had such a fun time. I loved riding Big Mabel and snorkeling. I will miss you guys and the boat. Have fun!

A separate letter...
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip.
The family all have new special memories.
We all gained weight from the spectacular cooking and Livvy had the time of her life.
Thanks again
The P & P families

Guest Comments 8-15 August 2015

Captain Dave + Desiree

Thank you soooo much for such a fantastic week on Majestic Spirit!
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the BVI and we know it wouldn't have been as fun + special if we hadn't lucked out to choose your yacht!
The food was absolutely 5-Star all-the-way (Thank you Des!) and we are from Chicago - so we know GOOD food! :)
The scuba and snorkelling were so much fun for Craig + Brock + Meredith. Dave's scuba skills / instruction + finding awesome scuba spots was bar none! Brock will never forget seeing the rare found Nurse Shark on his last dive of the trip with you Dave! Definitely a highlight.
We really want to thank you not only for a wonderful trip, but for going out of your way to go above + beyond each + every day (especially when you had to drive the boat all night long to get us to a hospital!) You guys are the BEST!!
Till next time
Craig, Lori, Brock & Meredith


Guest Comments - 14-18 June 2015

Dave & Dez
WOW! Vacation of a lifetime! Great celebration of my birthday and graduating two kids. We've been to the USVI and BVI's before, but this was the best and most memorable.
Dave's humour and stories kept us entertained the entire trip and Dez's meals will have us all shopping for new wardrobes after our return home.
Look forward to returning!
Happy Sailing

Dave & Desiree
We have had a beautiful time here in the islands. We don't want to leave. Everything is so memorable. Your personalities make us feel so comfortable on your wonderful boat. The food was incredible. The best family vacation ever!

Dave & Desiree
Best vacation, hands down! I had such a great time on the boat & getting to know you guys. I can't thank you enough for your amazing hospitality. I hope I can come back & see you guys one day.
Stay Awesome!

Dave & Desiree
This vacation was everything I could have imagined and more. Y'all are such fun and interesting people!
And the food was some of the best I've ever had, hands down.
Thank y'all so much for making this vacation so awesome!

Dave & Dez
I had such an amazing time with my family and you guys (my new friends)! I'm glad we got to enjoy some of Rodriguez's music and trade jokes and stories. I ate WAY too much, but Desiree's cooking was so good, I couldn't stop!
Thank you for everything, mostly your friendship!


Guest Comments 5-13 June 2015
Dave & Desiree
Each time is more amazing. Thank you for all your gentle care! You both bring so much to our lives during this week.
The food is amazing and expertise is beyond belief.
I really appreciated your gentle training with the scuba gear.
Thank you, take care till next year.

Dave & Dez
I cannot even tell you how much you guys mean to our family. Our time with you both is always precious - full of fun, adventure and laughs. Your hospitality, the meals and the boat herself are incredibly appreciated and parallel to none.
Thank you, Thank you for your passion that you wear on your sleeves.
Can't wait to see you again very soon!
Much much love from your West Coast - West Pride family.
Nathan, Chyler, Noah, Tae and Anni.

Guest Comments - May 2015

Captain Dave & Desiree
We cannot even begin to THANK YOU! enough for all the fun you have provided for our family vacation!
YALL!! are so gracious and generous, hard working, jack of all trades, knowledgeable, and entertaining.
May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you both, may His face shine upon you and give you continued peace.
Love & blessings to you both!
We love you!!
Vicki, George, Peacock, Tori & Mikie

AMAZING TRIP!!!! - Jason & Casey Browder

We will battle it out on the inner tube again one day! Until then, take it easy Captain Dave & Dez! - Madison Sanders.

Guest Comments - May 2015

Dave & Des,
It was a fantastic voyage. Truly enjoyed the adventure. Great food, great time with my friends. Enjoyed the laughter and stories.

"Life is Good" - Fabulous trip and one of a life time for me! May you be blessed for the love you showed during my trip!
Thank you! + God Bless!
Lee Herrington

What a wonderful experience to travel the waters with such experienced & fun people. There was always a story to tell for each venture.
Blessings to you as you continue your voyages of the waters.
Janice Wallace

What do you get when you put 7 woman friends on a boat with Dave & Des?
Great food, Great fun, lot's of sun, funny stories and a fantastic time.
Thank you both!
Linda Latorre

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for having me aboard your boat.
It was an amazing trip! The meals were out of this world!
Thanks again

What an awesome time I had. Your hospitality was ***** STAR.
To see the nautical life through your eyes was such an experience.
Cooking skills were over the top. Thank you for EVERYTHING.
Hope to meet again thru our travels.
Kindest regards

I didn't know what to expect during this trip, but the trip was worth the wait.
Thank you, Majestic Spirit, for your hospitality

Guest Comments - 17-24 April 2015

Dave & Desiree
Thank you for a great week upon Majestic Spirit.
Our family relaxed more on this vacation than any other.
The spots we went to were all beautiful, the wild life amazing and the waters perfect.
Meals, morning noon and night were beyond delicious. Accommodating all the different tastes of 4 children was above and beyond.
The dolphins made my daughters trip.
Next time my husband will be on board and we'll dive the Rhone again! Hopefully the turtle will still be sitting peacefully on top of the wreck!
Keep Sailin'
The Avonda's (Tammy, Lexy, Tucker, TJ & Jack)


Dearest Dave & Des - 15/4/15

Here are some of the biggest highlights of our OUTSTANDING stay at Majestic Spirit...

8am. Oh... breakfast! Continental & American for the price of one. Jokes and hazelnut coffee. What else?

8am-1pm. Plenty of things to do. Scuba, Paddle Board, Sun Tanning, Wake board, Snorkel, Kayak, Music... everything followed by Dave's "bye bye".

1-3pm. Oh... Lunch! After receiving our greatly stuffed plates, we would spend at least 20 minutes speaking about Des' skills and heart for cooking. Well, some need for siesta after that...

3-7pm Do you need anything else? This is what you will hear at Majestic Spirit almost every minute.
Oh... tea time! Our dearest Des would prepare from "Bruschetta" to "Bree Cheese" and delight us. Dave of course, always there to help.

7-9pm Dinner... and thanks for everything. Then LED and see big fish.
~ Gustavo
Every second I was thinking: When are we coming back. We will definitely see you in the future.
~ Valen
Peace, Relax, Food and Vodka for Willy
I loved this trip! You 3 are Amazing
Bye Bye
See you soon
~ Juan person
It goes without saying that I will really miss her (Majestic Spirit) and both of you. These 5 days have been incredible. I enjoyed every moment and I love hearing to all your stories.
It was a pity that I could not scuba, but thankfully I learned that I need more weight on my legs.
Thanks for all your good manners, good vibes, laughs and smile.
Keep in contact!!
~ Viru
The Best of the Best ~ Majestic Spirit ~ Unique experience.
Fantastic Team Work
~ Roberto
A GREAT Experience with my family and Dave & Dez.
Thanks a lot, lovely, cosy.
I knew beautiful people: Dave & Dez
~ Monica
As you can see, this was not written by just "Juan Person". The 8 of us won't forget this!
Till the next one!
"Bye Bye"
~ Gustavo



Dave & Des
Thanks for a wonderful trip. We had a great time and truly enjoyed your charter. The food was excellent and Dave was the BEST Captain! We will see you some time soon!
Jill & Willy D

Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
You guys must be triplets to do what you do on a daily basis to provide us the best vacation we have ever had!
From the food to the fun, we couldn't have asked for more! It's just a shame we have to leave so soon.
Thank you for letting us be guests on such a great vessel with such great people!
Wishing you guys both the best in your future adventures until we meet up again.
Justin & Nicole

Dave & Desiree
This trip was amazing, far exceeding expectations.
The food, the route we took, and most importantly, the two of you provided us an unforgettable experience.
We look forward to the next time we can roll with you guys in paradise! Keep Living The Dream....
Brian & Ro

Dave & Des
We had a fabulous time on Majestic Spirit. From morphing into pirates ourselves to all the wonderful meals, it couldn't have been a better experience! Your hospitality in every way was amazing. Loved the personal tour of the islands, along with stories and facts you'd never find on the internet!
You are wonderful people, we will miss you and we wish you all the best!!
Mike and Renee.

GUEST COMMENTS 8 - 18 Feb 2015 - KITE CRUISE 2015

Dear Admiral Desiree & Captain Dave

What a trip :) Pure Luxury.
The Boat, the food, the service, unbelievable!!!
Everything was PERFECT!!!
We will miss you, so sad these 10 days went so fast!
Hopefully we are going to make it again!

Thank you,
Yann, Konstantin, "You guys are the best" Ioannis, Cyrill, Stelios, Marc, Niels and "Please put me on fire" Peter.

Dave & Desiree
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't know if there are words to express how grateful we are for the last 9 days. It has truly been a fabulous vacation - fun of fun times, new experiences, and many memories that we will treasure forever.

Thank you so much for getting us in on the Necker Island Tour. It was wonderful to see the island and especially all the animals. Noah had his first (and maybe the last!) GIANT Tortoise ride - we will never forget this fabulous opportunity.

Thank you also for the fun Pirate Night! It was so generous of you to share your costumes with us so we'd fit right in. And we had so much fun in the front row!

And thanks for all the fun tubing and "double-dogging". I can't believe Noah got his first tube ride in, and Geoff and I will have to perfect our "double-dogging" skills!

And thank you for the fabulous going away gifts. The map of our travels is an awesome keep sake and we loved the slide show and certificates.

These are just some of the memories we've created over the trip and these were all interspersed with DELICIOUS food, fabulous compay, fun experiences and many more memories. Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality. Experiencing all this with such generous, kind people made the trip just that much more special.

Thank you for everything!
Geoff, Haley & Noah
PS: Thanks for teaching us Farkel - we'll have to find the game back home so we can practice for our next trip!


Desiree, thank you for making all the faces on our food.
Dave, thank you for pulling me so fast on the tube.
I will miss both of you.
Bella (5 years old)


Our family cannot thank you enough for all the adventures that made this vacation so memorable for all of us - young and a bit older, and the young at heart.
Always, though, what makes the experience special is those that you share it with - Dave and Desiree, you are definitely the best ever. You are so genuine and authentic and your passion is contagious. If (when) I learn to dive, it will be because of your passion and the trust I have in you, because it can only be you that takes me down into the depths of the ocean.

One can only be truly happy, to feel the sadness that we feel today - we are leaving our friends, Dave & Desiree.

We will always remember your many many kindnesses.

Don and Rita


Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree

Thank you both for an ARRRRMAZING vacation - it truly was the best yet! We will never forget all the adventures we shared as a family (including the best birthday ever). Dolphins, Turtles, fish, swimming, snorkelling, diving, treasure hunt, Pirates, Tubing, double-dogging, Arrrrlympics, Farkel, food, food, food, fun, fun, fun, and fabulous company - who could ask for more?

We will definitely see you again....
(Charlotte has already ordered it!)

Lots of love
Candace, Marc, Bella (Pirate Izzy - the Pirate Princess of the Conch), & Charlotte (Pirate Arrrrlivia)

GUEST COMMENTS - 29 DEC 2014 - 5 JAN 2015

Dave & Des

Thank you for showing us a wonderful time in the BVI. We really enjoyed the sites and beautiful bays.
We enjoyed seeing Willy T and going to the Baths on Virgin Gorda.
We had a wonderful New Years at the Bitter End!
The meals were excellent and even though you guys were less than 100% (due to pneumonia and flu etc.), you took excellent care of us.
Most of all, we enjoyed being around good people and had a great family experience.
Thanks for everything and we hope you have a great and prosperous 2015.

The Hayfords.

Dave & Des
Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!
From certifying us & taking us to the Rhone, to feeding us amazing food, to scouting out the best places to spend an hour or a night, you took incredible care of us.
We had a wonderful week on your beautiful boat in the stunning BVI's.
Thank you for everything & we hope to see you soon
The Palters
Gil, Elisa, Dani, Adam & Syd + Luc & Aleeza
Dec 21-28 2014
Toronto - Canada

Thank you both for the incredible amount of thoughtfulness, passion and care you both put into giving us a perfect week where we wanted for nothing. We hope to come and sail with you again.

Dave & Desiree,

We are just aboard our return flight home, already lamenting leaving your wonderful Caribbean paradise. We want to thank you one final time for how much thoughtfulness and care you put into our week. Most importantly your itinerary gave us a great exposure to many of the different facets of the BVIs. And we loved them all equally, from the ‘happening’ Bitter End right through to the secluded coves and deserted islands. Even all of our onshore excursions were well chosen, from the action at the Baths to feeling like Robinson Crusoe as we hiked all over the secluded Salt Island. Each and every meal was so well planned and deliciously prepared – Elisa would like to follow up with Desiree for a few recipes. We eagerly awaited 4pm every day to see what tasty snack and tempting cocktail would appear. The list of creative, personalized touches you brought to our trip is almost endless. The passion and commitment Dave displayed in getting the kids SSI scuba certified was above and beyond the call of duty – I know they will remember him and his lessons every time they dive for the rest of their lives.

We just hope you both had half as good a time as we did this past week.

Happy Sailing, Gil, Elisa, Dani, Adam & Syd Palter (+ Luc & Aleeza)


Dave & Dez

Thank you so much for this opportunity!
I enjoyed spending a week on the boat with y'all.

DEZ, your cooking is to-die for. There wasn't a meal I didn't like and I loved all the new things I was able to try.
Also, you are such a sweet and fun person to be around. You are a genuinely good person and I would like to thank you for introducing me to Farkle/BS, because I'm now the all time champ of the game

NOW DAVE, you are the coolest person I've ever met. I love your stories / jokes and your great sense of humor. Also, thank you for certifying me in scuba diving. I was so comfortable trusting you and I was lucky to have you as an instructor.

Both of you are so hard-working and made our week fun-filled and relaxing.
Love you guys!

Eden Bohannon 8-16-14


Dave & Des

Thank you so much for a truly amazing time!

The atmosphere you helped provide was extremely memorable for our family. You are both very special and sweet people.

We will always remember you two and look forward to seeing you on future charters
I hope life brings you both good fortune and health.

Kimberly Bohannon - 8-16-14


Dave & Des - 8-16-14

Thank you for helping to make this our best vacation ever.

From the amazing food, which was sooooo good, to my favourite, - "Diving"! Each and every moment was special. After a while, it feels like we're family.

We look forward to doing it again.

Robert & Deana Custer


Dave and Dez

Thank you for having me on your boat!
I had a great time with you and Dave and definitely enjoyed all of Dave's jokes.

Hopefully we come back and I can scuba dive and not be scared.
Also, your food was amazing! Thank you!

Chloe Bohannon

Guest Comments - Aug 2-9 2014

Dave & Desiree

"The wonder couple"

Dave can fix anything, great story teller, has a calm demeanor, essential when dealing with new divers. Sets a "beautiful table".

Desiree has many talents #1 a Master Chef, there are no short cuts when preparing our meals. I am amazed at the variety and complexity. She dives, photographer, sky dives, bungee jumps and climbs into our rooms and makes a bed you can bounce a quarter on!

Loved our time with them, hope to see them again.

Adam & Sandra Pustowka
Dave & Desiree

Thank you for a great week.

Dave, the boys will remember the dive forever!! And Desiree the food was fantastic.

We really enjoyed our time with you and hope to do it again soon!

Chris, Caroline, Zach & Sacha!

NAME:                    Chyler & Nathan West
YACHT:                   Majestic Spirit
CHARTER DATES:    7-14 June 2014

Oh my gosh! Dave & Desiree Bean were absolutely amazing! They went above and beyond to make us feel right at home and a part of the family. Our children (10,7 and 5) fell totally in love with them!

The yacht was so beautiful. It felt much bigger than the website indicates. Everything we wanted and/or needed was on board. Desiree worked around the clock to ensure everything was spotless.

The food was delicious! Everything Desiree made was fantastic. I mean, she even got my picky children to clean their plates every meal... barely a crumb left.

Our vacation FAR-EXCEEDED our expectations! This was truly the greatest family vacation of our lives.
Dave completed the process for our 10 year old son's scuba certification, ensuring the most incredible adventure of his life thus far.

We are so excited too for our next adventure with the Bean's on their beautiful boat and will definitely make Majestic Spirit our vacation destination every year! We absolutely love them!





Dear Dave & Desiree....
I have about a million words of gratitude floating around in my head right now for you.
Our time aboard the Majestic Spirit has been absolutely priceless. I don't think we've seen our kids adjust so quickly and / or enjoy themselves so thoroughly before. Your hospitality, your humility and absolute passion for what you do is not only infectious, but inspiring.
This has honestly been the greatest adventure of our lives. You are both so wonderful... we will miss you tremendously.... until we return, that is! ~ Chyler.

Dave & Desiree,
You could not have done a better job naming your ship! "Majestic Spirit", captures the heart behind everything we experienced on our vacation. This has been by far the greatest adventure, most fun and incredible journey we are the "West Pride" have ever encountered. The memories made are priceless, but more importantly, we will treasure the new friendship created with the two of you. We look forward to many more adventures sailing the BVI with our favorite crew!!!
See you in December!

Des & Dave
Greatest Vacation Ever!!!
You started our journey based on minimal information and kicked it off with a bang. As you got to know us you enhanced our adventure with the smallest of details. I got to watch my grandchildren hunt for treasure, snorkel, dive and enjoy every moment of the day without electronics, just nature. My entire family relaxed, learned diving tips, sailing and all about the sea... and were always smiling.
You have a passion for the sea, nature and people and it comes out in everything you do, again... thank you.
Be healthy, happy and we will see you soon.
"The Turtle Warrior" - Deb

Dear Cap
Thank you for the new tastes (as in new food), thank you for the adventures we had, thank you for my certification. Can't wait for the adventure to come.
Yours Truly
Nathan West (10 years)

To Dave & Des
They are the best
Love Taelyn (7 years)

Dear Mr Dave & Ms Des
I love you, love you, love you, love you, love you, and love you. I'm really going to miss you. We'll be back soon. I love you... bye bye!
Anni West (5 years)


May 27 2014

WOW!! What an fantastic way to end our wedding trip to St Thomas!
Dave & Desiree, you two were amazing. The hospitality, delicious meals, diving and bonding with both of you, my husband and new in-laws will forever be remembered and cherished.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience. We'll be back!
Sandy & Peter

Dave & Desiree
You are amazing people with a fantastic boat. You instantly made us feel at home & opened your arms to us like old friends. Thank you so very much for your hospitality and the trip I will always remember fondly.

Dearest Desiree & Dave
Never have I felt more welcome and so spoiled. You welcomed us into your home, the Majestic Spirit, and we had a most incredible experience. We came to St Thomas to witness the marriage of our brother Peter, and a lovely lady, Sandy. That fairy tale union led us to the Majestic Spirit and an AMAZING 48 hours in your world. We have fallen in love with your corner of the world. Thank you for everything. Your hospitality is unsurpassed.

Dearest Dave & Desiree
AMAZING world you've introduced us to. Thank you for your great and loving spirit. Peace...
"Desert" Donna

Thanks for all the fun we had on the Majestic Spirit! The swimming was great, the hospitality fantastic and I don't think I'll be able to eat any more for weeks! I hope to get to come back, and I wish you luck with your future endeavours!

A second fabulous excursion with the Bean's - it doesn't get any better than this. Thank you so much for taking such great care of us - you guys are fantastic! We'll be back
Love T




Dave & Des
I cannot put into words how amazing this past week has been. Could not have asked for a better first charter - will be hard for another to live up to the amazing experiences, but especially the amazing FOOD! I did not taste anything I did not like.
I am happy to be in the business and hope to send many people your way so they too can experience a trip of a lifetime!
I am also thrilled that you both got to be a part of my surprise engagement and will never forget the role you played in it.
I am so sad to be sitting here writing this on my last night, but we will see each other again!

Dave & Des
Thank you SOOOOOO much for the trip of a lifetime! I had SOOOOO much fun and am SOOOOO sad to go home!
Hope to see you soon.
Mac Branch (13 years old)
PS: Loved tubing even though it hurt when you crashed!

Dave & Des
I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I love the food! I loved going tubing it was SOOOO fun! I am sad that I have to go home.
I love your boat. My fevrit part was going to the pirit show.
My fevrit food was the BBQ. My favrit dosrte was the waiful cone with ice crem and waiful cone stick.
Meredith (7 years old) (This was our "Princess of the Conch" at the Michael Beans Pirate Show)

Dave & Des
I had a great week with you guys. I loved the food. I loved water sports and everything.
Thank you - Gunga Galunga
From: Jack (9 years old)

Dave & Desiree
Thank you for showing me life is so great. Your jokes & food are fantastic. BVI is absolutely beautiful. Snorkeling was Definitely my favourite part. Your boat is Beautiful as are the both of you. I hope to see you again soon.
With Love
Robert Scaccia
Gunga Galunga

Dave & Des
Thank you for an amazing charter and week. We have needed a vacation so very badly and I could not have asked for more. The sails, the food, the jokes, the fun!
It's always wonderful when you find yourself meeting people along your journey that will stay with you for a lifetime. Every time I look at a beautiful night sky full of bright stars, I will think of the both of you. Your smiles, your warmth and our unforgettable time spent on the lovely Majestic Spirit. Until next time.
Thank you again for everything.
Love, Laughter and Happiness to you both, always.
Kate Scaccia

Captain Dave & Des
Thanks for the best vacation of my life! I enjoyed everything from the water sports, fantastic food, and of course the RUM!
Thanks again for arranging our "engagement" party - it was awesome.
I will see you guys again soon.
Kevin "Rum Runner" Sherfey

Dave & Dez
Thank you for a awesome trip! I loved the food it was great.
My favorite part was the waves and jumping off the boat.
I loved the mudslides, the licking dessert and sloppy Joes.
Thank you for an awesome trip.
From : Ryan Sherfey (10 years old)
Gunga Galunga


MARROCCO CHARTER - 23-28 March 2014

Dear Dave & Desiree
I love everything you guys did. Honestly, that was the best trip of my life.
I loved the food, scuba diving, snorkelling and other stuff.
You have the coolest boat and stuff on it.
I will miss being here.
"Prince" Cito

Dear Dave & Desiree
Thanks for everything you guys did for us, and dealing with our nonsense.
I had 5 great dives and saw many sea turtles. The snorkelling was fabulous and you took us to the most incredible places.
The watersports were so much fun and I'm glad I learned the game B.S.
This was a great experience, and something I will never forget.
We need to come back so I can get another one of Desiree's desserts!
Thanks for everything!
Johnny Marrocco

Dave & Desiree..... Arrrrr!
What a fabulous week! You were an amazing crew + fantastic hosts.
Everything was great. The food, the diving, the snorkelling and all the "learning" about the beautiful BVI's.
We will miss you and stay in touch.
Thanks so much.
John Marrocco

Dave & Des
WOW! What can I say?
What a trip we had...
Thank you for sharing your home and beautiful surroundings with us. The meals were wonderful, the beaches, snorkelling, pirate show and water activities were fantastic.
Thank you also for teaching Cito how to dive, he loves it and that's such a gift you gave him.
Johnny also learned so much from you, what a treat that was for him to dive with you.
Thanks for everything!
Sara Marrocco

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for everything you have done for us to make everything perfect!
Even though I was sick and did not always feel great all the time, I still had a blast!
All the places we went to were great!
We all had a blast with the beautiful views!
It was so fun hearing your stories!
Thank you so much!!

GERSTLE CHARTER 8-15 March 2014

3/14/14 pi day
Dave & Desiree - you made our 1st sailing trip sooo wonderful.
Caroline was anxious about living with someone she didn't know for a whole week. Guess what? You made us so comfortable & welcome and showed us so many adventures, that the week was over before we knew it - and we don't want to leave.
You are our friends & we appreciate the love, adventure and experience of this wonderful Virgin Islands Paradise. We will be back!
Best of luck & absolutely love your yacht - Majestic Spirit. The food was fantastic!
Tom Gerstle

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for such a beautiful vacation. The weather was absolutely perfect and views were magnificent. The food was so delicious and plentiful, I may never be hungry again. And the diving was the best I have ever experienced.
Thank you so much for being such gracious hosts, and I can't wait to come back!
So nice to have met you.
Caroline Gerstle

Dave & Desiree
We are amazed at the quality of your yacht & thankful for your graciousness & kindness.
You are two very special people and we are lucky to have spent a week of our lives with you both.
Thank you very much for all the great service, food and adventure. We can't wait to tell our family & friends about the trip on Majestic Spirit. You guys are the best!
You are our best South African friends.
Tom & Caroline.

BIRCHER GROUP CHARTER - Feb 22 to March 7 2014

Our Caribbean holiday was nothing like we had imagined - it was much better!

Happy easy sailing to interesting places, luxurious accommodation and terrific food & drink made it the holiday of a lifetime.

Thank you very much for making us ARRR's and ARRR's of happy memories!

Bruce & Rose Stephenson (South Africa)

Many thanks, Dave & Des, for all your efforts & contribution to the holiday of a lifetime.

Great company, fantastic weather, terrific food, beautiful surroundings all make for wonderful memories.

Andrew & Nina Madsen (Durban, South Africa)

Thank you for both for the most fantastic holiday that we have ever had in our lives.

The food, the comfort, the incredible entertainment!

You have no idea how much we have enjoyed every minute of the time. These memories will last for the rest of our lives.

God bless you both

Rohan & Elaine

Dave & Des

You are fantastic hosts & made our holiday MUCH better than we had anticipated!

Thank you for going the extra mile to ensure that everything was PAAAARfect - our meals, our water sports, our indoor entertainment, everything! Nothing was too much trouble for you & we all truly appreciated it. We had such a fun time together.

God bless you and all who sail on Majestic Spirit.

Ken & Sue Bircher.



Dave & Des

This was the most amazing, beautiful trip! We have wanted to do this for years and finally made it.

We were blessed with an amazing Admiral & Captain and had such a wonderful time.

You two became friends and we are so grateful for the times and stories we shared. I enjoyed the diving excursion, jumping off the boat, outdoor showering, fishing, & paddle boarding.

Thank you for the good times & good fellowship.

The Chasons

Gregg & Janie

PS: Des' cooking is amazing!


Dear Dave & Desiree

We have had the most unforgettable vacation sailing with you through the BVI's.

You are so kind and gracious and have taken care of all our needs without our even asking. You are both amazing people. The food, fun and most of all the laughter, will never be forgotten.

I hope we can return in the future for another trip. Take care and good luck with future charters and globe trotting adventures!

Thanks again


Karen & Jeff Hughes


Desiree & Dave

Thank you both so much for the most amazing and wonderful week in the BVI!

It was more than we expected in EVERY way.

Most unforgettable trip of a lifetime!

Captain Dave – you were born to do this! Thanks so much for your passion, your stories and your beautiful boat!

Des – your hard work and superb cooking skills here made the trip. I'll think of you each day at the gym as I try to work off the 10 pounds I've gained. You're the best!

We'll never forget you!

John & Becky Kotsianas


SLOANE FAMILY CHARTER 28 Dec 2013 - 4 Jan 2014

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for an incredible week. The food was delicious and the spots we stayed at were amazing. Thank you for getting me to dive.
Happy New Year!!
Sean Herbert

Thank you for an amazing trip! The Map you gave us was awesome! Des your food is amazing! Dave - you were a pleasure to be around and thanks for getting us from place to place.
Happy New Year!
Caroline Sloane

Dave & Des,
Thank you for letting us stay on your boat! The natural beauty of your home is truly astonishing. Dave, your stories were very interesting and Des, your cooking was delish! Hope to see you soon!
Love Reid.

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for an amazing week! We all had so much fun with you guys, from the Pirate Show to our dives, it was all so much fun. Your food (Des) was amazing, especially the bacon wrapped cherries!! Thank you!
Happy New Year!!
Grace Sloane

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for such an amazing trip! It was all so much fun and we enjoyed every second of it. The food was amazing! Everywhere we went was beautiful. Thanks!
Happy New Year!
Kayla Schwartz

Dear Dave & Des
Thanks so much for a delightful trip! It was a wonderful family vacation. The food was truly amazing and the Majestic Spirit is a terrific boat. Thank you SO much for making it a memorable vacation! Have a happy, safe and fulfilled 2014.
Much love & thanks
Kelly (Charlize) & Mike Sloane

Comments from our First Charter on Majestic Spirit - the Corney Family 1-10 December 2013

Dear Dave & Des
The pair of you did everything humanly possible to make our experience one of the best family vacations we have ever had. We have been to sail in Greece, Turkey & Italy and this BVI trip topped them all. On a more personal note, we never felt for a moment that this was a "CHARTER", but rather we felt we were your valued friends on a great adventure together. We all loved the time & experiences we had together.
We thank you for your hospitality.... I have no doubt that this "Maiden Voyage" on the Majestic Spirit will serve as the beginning of many wonderful adventures for future guests and that you will have a tremendously successful future aboard this fantastic ship!!
Paul Corney
Thank you Dave & Des for an amazing trip! I will remember it for a lifetime.
Your friend
Thank you Dave & Des for creating one of the most memorable trips I've ever taken... with sharks, tarpon, dolphins, turtles and stingrays (pretty much every personally terrifying mammal and others for me) you calmed my fears I'll never forget this experience for as long as I live, you've made it super special.
Dear Dave & Des
Thank you so very much for such an amazing trip. We planned this trip over the last year and our experience in the BVI with you was better than we could have imagined.
Des - Your cooking was ABSOLUTELY wonderful. We will be talking about your delicious meals for a long time! (And if you do make a cook book - PLEASE let us know!)
Dave - Thank you for showing us the BVI, taking us scuba diving, dragging us around on ski's, wake boards & paddle boards and for your endless jokes!!
You are both absolutely wonderful & we couldn't have asked for a better "Captain & Admiral".
I am so happy for the both of you that you have your own boat now & wish you all the best with your future charters and then your travels around the world!
Many many thanks for everything. This was a trip of a lifetime & unforgettable.
All the best always,
Thank you for an INCREDIBLE 10 days on your beautiful home. I am never going to forget the fun times we had... and if I do, there will be the 10 pounds I gained (from the delicious cooking) and the bruises from wake boarding to remind me!
PS: Just remember that we de-virgined you... since we were your first charter. Was it good for you?
Dave & Des
Our feelings cannot be fully captured in words - but we'll try!!
This trip was a long time coming & our expectations were extremely high. We're overjoyed to say that you far exceeded anything imagined.
We have no doubt that you will continue to capture the true adventure of the BVI for all of those who have the pleasure of sailing with you.
Thank you for everything - including being a part of our family for 10 days. You made this one to remember forever.
All the best and hope to see you again
Graison & Deanna
Des, please make a cook book and send me one!


Majestic Spirit is a new addition to the BVI charter fleet... but these are some of the most recent guests comments about the crew from their previous vessel.


Dear Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
What an absolutely fabulous time for our entire family. Each port and bay will give us special memories of our time there. Our first snorkel to see a turtle & beautiful fish was amazing & you could tell when you heard the girls scream and talk through their snorkels.
The wonderful water sports ~ with all of us able to paddle board, kayak, intertube, wake board & water ski - it was so much fun & all the girls screaming was the best!
Dave, thank you for being so easy going with whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it. The laughs and photo's are great, including the moments of "bababa" and "you can do it".
Thank you Desiree for being such an amazing spirit and wonderful cook. The food was absolutely great - we enjoyed it ALL.
Thank you both for all our cocktail hours, with special drinks for the girls and us. It is so great how you both were with the girls - they had a great time and truly enjoyed themselves and I think felt at home on the boat.
The diving was wonderful from the Indians, to the Rhone and ending with the girls first night dive - with all the great rays.
I will also not forget paddling with the dolphins and all jumping off the front of the boat.
You both are wonderful people and the trip couldn't have been any better. It was the best!
Love Mara, Dave, Lynn & Sydney McIlvain.

Dear Magiver & Chef Dez
This amazing trip has surpassed all our expectations. It was the perfect vacation. The experience was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this memory. The food was delicious and amazing and we are all "foodies".
You two are wonderful individuals and it was an absolute please to be in your presence.
That you for the memories that will last a lifetime. You embraced us all and we appreciated all the ambiance from the views to the jokes, to the wonderful dives - to the laughs.
Cheers and as always...
Happy Days
Amanda & Rico Toland
Morgan "Baaaa" Toland
"You Guys Rock!!!!"

Dave & Dez
What an incredible pleasure and distinct privilege it has been to have shared a small part of our lives with you two here in paradise. Your ability to have fun & engage our daughter in activities where she constantly enjoyed herself was incredible.
It was great to be able to unplug, eat well, drink a bit and enjoy yourself without feeling any stress.
Looking back on the memories of the trip, I wouldn't change a thing. I am blessed to have gained two great new friends & can't wait for our paths to cross again.
Thanks for everything & peace and blessings to you both. May "MAJESTIC SPIRIT" be all you want it to be & bring you both much joy and success
All the best

Dear Dave & Desiree
I want you to know that we had very high expectations for our vacation and this trip has exceeded them.
Thank you for showing us how to appreciate all the BVI's have to offer and proving that it's possible to leave all problems behind for at least a week.
We enjoyed the diving, the wake boarding, the intertubing, the food, the jokes and most importantly, the company.
You two definitely have repeat customers. Hope to see you again soon.
David - 8/11/13
PS: Baaaaa!!!

Dear Captain Dave & Chef Des
Thank you so much for an amazing experience and a trip of a lifetime that we will never forget. We have created so many incredible memories with you two and it's going to be so sad leaving you guys.
Both of you are such unique individuals and it has been a pleasure to learn so much from you, whether it has to do with nature or our personal lives, we appreciate it all. We are glad to have the same humour interest as you, it has made our trip so much better. It has been a true honor living on the boat with you guys. We are so grateful for everything you have done to make our trip the best it could be.
Although we have only known you for a week, it feels like we are family.
It's hard to say goodbye, but we REALLY hope to see you again on your new boat.
Thank you so much again, we will miss you guys.
Love Morgan & Lynn

Dear Dave & Des
Thank you so much for an awesome trip!
Captain Dave, you were always willing to do whatever we wanted. Your videos made us all laugh and your laugh made everyone smile... HUGE!!! We appreciate you answering all our questions and teaching us so much about all of the islands and marine life. We extremely enjoyed diving with you for our first time and thanks for taking us to such great dive locations!
Admiral Des, you always made the most D E L I C I O U S food and it was rare that someone didn't clear their plate! Thanks for making sure we always had snacks and were never hungry.... and thanks for providing the Kebab stick in times of need :)
Also, we loved your story about how the birds help each other with food! Most of all, thanks to both of you guys for a once in a lifetime experience in the BVI's. Hopefully we will get to meet again on "MAJESTIC SPIRIT"!!
And thanks for the amazing video at the end, provided by the amazing DMB²! And for the great T-Shirts and the Pirate Certificates! THANKS!
Sydney & Taylor
PS: Boom boom let me hear you say WAHO!..... Baaaaaaa.

SCHEINMAN CHARTER 29 July to 3 August 2013

Dear Captain Dave & Chef Desiree
Thank you for an incredible week - it was an absolute gift to our family!
The Caribbean was as magnificent as we imagined - even more so!
Each stop was better than the previous one, but what we didn't expect was the fabulous company that you provided. The wonderful stories, guided tours of the island, pirate lore, movie, music and of course the most amazing food we have ever had!
It was such a joy watching the kids enjoy the water sports, one of the highlights. Thank you so much for so generously and so skillfully guiding them on the water... and I almost forgot the sunsets... WOW!!
We wish you all the best in your future and hope to see you again someday!
Maureen, Elan, Mackenzie, Griffin and Pirate Maddy.

STERMAN CHARTER - 20- 27 July 2013

We had the best week of holidays in a long, long time. This paradise is a magnificent place, but thanks to Dave & Des it was turned into something magical.
We met the islands in another way, guided by Captain Dave and very well taken care of by Des, who was like a mom.
Roberto, Florencia, Nacho, Martina & Santino Sterman
... are very happy to have met you and we hope to see you again.
Thanks for everything
PS: No Problem, easyjob.com.

CUNNINGHAM CHARTER   25-30 June 2013

Captain Dave & "Admiral" Desiree
After years of dreaming about sailing the Caribbean, my dream finally came true! The crew fulfilled my every expectation. Beautiful weather, snorkeling among colorful sealife, trying to paddle board and water ski, a barefoot hike up Salt Island, playing giant Jenga and on and on.
Desiree is a master chef and we felt as if we were eating happiness... (quote from Luke).
We wish you much success and maybe one day we will sail together again.
PS: Thanks for making my 50th so special.
Bill, Amy, Luke & John.

BESSETTE CHARTER 14-22 June 2013

Captain Dave & Desiree
What a special trip you've provided for we Bessettes this week.
You both have such a gift for making us feel at home in your home, and applying such personal touches to make it feel designed "Just For Us".
From the history lessons of the region, to the spectacular diving and snorkeling, through perfect meals and relaxing evenings, we could not have imagined a more perfect vacation.
Thank you for taking such time with Chad to certify him in scuba, with Carter to expand his curiosities, and with Ellie to make her at home in your underwater world.
We can never repay you for this fantastic adventure.
Scott D. Bessette.

Captain Dave & Admiral Dez
From Ellie (6 years old) - I liked the baths!!!
From Carter (7 years old) - I liked the baths!!!
From Chad (14 years old) Thank you Captain Dave, diver 3rd class Chad, USMC

Thank you for all you did for our family and making it a wonderful vacation.
All our best.
Barbara Bessette


You welcomed us into your home, you welcomed us into your friendship - now you are in our hearts. The beauty and fun of the BVI are a mere reflection of how wonderful you guys are. Thanks for all the Scuba, Tubing, SUPing, Beaching and sailing - it really put us on "Island Time, Mon". It was great to watch us expand our adventure together with climbing mountains and exploring beaches looking for geocaches. "My Darling" will now have a new meaning for me always. Arrrrrgh
Helmut Oehring & Vicki Oehring

Dave & Des
Our trip with you was all we hoped for and more. You both went out of your way to make sure we had a good time! Thank you Dave for helping us find so many GeoCaches, way more than I had planned to find.Desiree, your food was awesome! and thank you for making changes to your menu for my allergies. Jason will be disappointed when we get home and he has to eat my cooking!
You both are wonderful and have made our trip an awesome one!!!
Micki & Jason Frederick
Littleton, Co, USA

Dave & Desiree
Double D's doesn't seem to do you both justice.
Quadruple D - Thanks to our...
Designated Dinghy Driver Dave and to our
Delicious Dinner Designer Desiree!
Vicki & Helmut Oehring

We had a great time on your boat. You and Des took very good care of us. Good Food, Good Stories, Safe Passage & Fun. We hope to see you again soon!
Henry & Sue
Minneapolis, Mn

Dave & Desiree
I am glad you were our hosts and made our birthday celebration one to remember with so many wonderful experiences.
1. SUP
2. Tubing
3. GeoCaching
4. Beaching
5. Snorkelling
6. Diving
8. Sailing
Good luck & safe travels. Call or email us if you ever get to Colorado
Theresa Lowe

Captain & "Admiral" Bean
For being an "inland" boy, I have spent many days on the ocean. This week has absolutely been one of my all time favorites. Everything from the week was phenomenal, but you guys were the best part. I feel very fortunate that we "picked you out of the hat" and were able to share the week with you. I very much look forward to revisiting you some place in the world. It won't matter where you are, I want to come back on your boat!. Thanks for breaking my "Diving Cherry".
Dan Lowe


Great Time, Good Food, Smooth Sailing.
Vickey & Tommy Sellers (AL)
Mike & Kathy Hawkins (AL)
Jimmy & Theresa Hawkins (TN)
We had a wonderful time! I've been waiting 31 years to do this and you guys made this trip everything I thought it would be.

Name: John & Vicki Smither


Date: April 20-27, 2013

Thank you for selecting our company for your tropical adventure. Kindly take a few moments to honestly evaluate your experience onboard your selected vessel. We are committed to dealing with the very best in this industry, and your comments and impressions allow ourselves, your crew and your yacht to make any necessary improvements. If necessary, longer explanations may be attached on a separate page.

Comment on the comfort onboard: All 6 guest were comfortable. We had everything we needed and the crew was most accommodating.

Comment on the
condition of the boat: The boat seemed to be very well cared for, everything clean, organized and efficient. I cannot think of anything that we wanted that was not available.

Comment on the
cleanliness of the boat: Excellent, not only when we boarded, but kept clean daily.

Comment on the
congeniality of the Captain and crew: These two people were so friendly and engaging, we wanted to bring them home with us, certainly asked them to visit someday.

Comment on the service of the Captain and crew: We were very well cared for. I know this was part of their job and something they do every day, but they really made us feel special.

Comment on the
fun aspect of the Captain and crew: Open to all ideas, gave us plenty of choices when we were not sure of the options. They were both willing to engage in fun and equally adaptable to quiet time.

Comment on the
expertise of the Captain and crew: Our crew proved to be very well trained and experienced. We watched both crew handle the boat and the demands of sailing with ease and precision.

Comment on the
quality of your meals: We could not have had better meals. All were well constructed, plated beautifully and the smells coming from the galley had us drooling all day!

Comment on the
presentation of your meals: Everything was well thought out. Presentation was not only artistic, but delivered in a way that made us all have fork in hand and anxious to sample.


Would you charter this yacht again? (Circle one) YES NO



This is tremendously important to our company; we respect your candid answers and comments and thank you for your time.


I have spoken to all members of our group. Each feels this was a wonderful holiday, maybe the best ever. We each want to thank the crew, as it was their efforts and expertise that created this life long wonderful memory!




Dear Captain & Admiral
What an amazing trip!!! The Smither family vacation was a huge success and it was all because of you two.
Your hard work and attention to detail added such an amazing level of joy and fun to the trip. When we arrived and shortly after had our bags unpacked. I was so excited. It's a small thing, but so cool and relieving.
The food was phenomenal, every meal we had was so delicious. Des put in some real love and effort on every dish. She is an amazing cook!
Thank you so much for the warm and inviting atmosphere. Dave, I'm going to miss your jokes and thoroughly enjoyed the sailing.
Joey Smither
PS: I'm going to miss the Happy Arrrrrs!!!

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for a WONDERFUL vacation/experience. We all had a grand time and that was mostly because of you two.
You guys are some of the most amazingly genuine people I have ever met. Your warmth, hospitality & welcoming nature are heart warming & sincere, which brings forth feelings of such familiarity & comfort. I can't say enough about how much I/we have enjoyed being with you guys on board.
Des, thanks for all the amazing meals you prepared for us along with your witty charm! Dave, we will miss your wonderful stories & jokes the most!
I look forward to seeing you guys again one day & introducing you to my kids (they will love you guys)!! We will keep you in our hearts as we fondly look back on this trip.
Wishing you both all the best & sending you loads of love!
Thanks again!
Minal & Jason Smither
PS: Des, please let me know when you finish your book, can't wait to read about all your many adventures!!!

Dave & Des
I had hoped for three outcomes for the Smither vacation 2013.
 - A vacation for a lifetime of memories
 - For my family to be together in a special place
 - Fun, Sun and Relaxation
By all accounts and measures, both of you exceeded my expectations by a long way! An unexpected and welcome surprise was sharing the experience with wonderful people such as yourselves. I was not expecting the fun stories, jokes and wonderful cuisine.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Until we meet Arrrrgin
John Smither 4/27/13

Dave & Des
The family has written a book, but we still feel like we have not said enough about how much we have enjoyed our time with you.
Such memories we have. They all include you both and are a result of your efforts and planning to see we had a great time.
Thank you seems so small - but we really are grateful for all your efforts.
Please come visit us!!! We would love to see & visit with you again.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Vicki Smither 4/27/13

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for an unforgettable vacation. I know that my family & I will always have great memories of this trip, which will include you both. You both were very welcoming & made our trip much more enjoyable. Thank you for all your hard work & great stories. The food was amazing & I could not get enough (especially that chocolate cake).
Thank you for the sailing lessons. I look forward to using these skills in the near future. I'm going to miss this place.
Thank You
Jake Smither
PS: Please stay in touch & I wish you two safe & wonderful adventures in the future.


MILLER CHARTER 31 March - 5 April 2013

What an incredible experience!
It was a wonderful way to celebrate our 30th anniversary with our children.
Feels like we did nothing but eat incredible food and see beautiful beaches and islands and underwater views non-stop for 5 days. Dave & Des are great!
What an Arrrrmazing trip. I won't forget going to the pirate show with Dave & Des, with homemade eye patches made by my Mom out of plastic plates. Blowing some mean conch farts at the King of the Conch contest. Amazing food, beautiful sights, great diving. Can't wait to come back to do the wreck dive! Thanks for everything Dave & Des.
Thanks for showing our family a wonderful time. It was all we had hoped for, to show our kids the BVI the right way. Great food and company. Also your care and kindness helping me with my back problem will not be forgotten.
Paul, Laura, Kristen, Katelyn & Zach Miller.


Thank you for a wonderful time. I had a great time every day and the food was fantastic.
Zach Miller

Dear Des & Dave
You guys went above and beyond!
I really appreciated the great food and the healthy way it was prepared. The sushi making night was really fun!
I loved Dave's stories! I feel the knowledge that the two of you have of the area really showed us the best places in the BVI!
Thanks for helping Paul and I with his back problem.
Another thanks for getting the kids where they needed to be!
One last thanks for a wonderful trip!
You feel like family.
Laura Miller


SIELKEN CHARTER 23/29 March 2013

Holy Cow! This has been the most incredible week. I cannot say enough positive things about this special couple (Crew) and their boat. The chef (Desirée) is amazing and our captain, (Dave) has such expertise regarding his craft. We so enjoyed our conversations and learned so much from them. A great joy in life is learning - thank you both for your great gift to us.
The water is so beautiful and I especially enjoyed the wildlife. We came so Bob could dive, dive and dive. He was so extra specially pleased. The dives were wonderful. I thank you for that!
The best of luck in all your endeavors - you deserve only the best.
Thanks again for all the great food and wonderful dives.
Bob & Andrea Sielken.


McCracken Charter - 10-16 March 2013


Captain Dave & Admiral Des
Thank you for a wonderful cruise. Great Boat, Friends & Fun! Really enjoyed the BVI experience - sailing blue waters, snorkeling & eating! Des, your food is Amazing. Unfortunately now Steve will expect me to cook like that on our boat.

May you always have fair seas, good wind and a boat full of fun people!
Thanks for great memories!
Good Afternoon Mate!
Vonnie & Steve

Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
You are two wonderful people that became good friends. Thank you for making this a vacation that will be a great memory forever. Be safe in your travels.
Thank you for everything.

Each person is defined by life's experiences and the people they meet along the way.
Life's road, although difficult, let's us meet people who will be with us forever. Although our path's may never cross again, we are truly thankful that they did this time. Thank you for making this a memorable trip.

"Uncle" Chuck & Dawn

Captain Dave & Chef Desiree
Our time aboard has been one in a lifetime. Dave's jokes and Desiree's cooking is unmatched any place Carol & I have traveled. Your knowledge of the islands helped make our visit even more spectacular. We felt as if we were family instead of guests.
I would recommend you both to all family and friends no matter what boat you may be on. You take care of you boat with pride as if she is your own. There will be many stories told back home about our trip... "all with laughter".
Your friends
Carol & Kenny (Group of

Dave & Des
This was a dream for all of us for a very long time. How could sailing these blue waters NOT be a wonderful experience! But both of you have taken a wonderful time and turned it into a warm unforgettable memory that we will cherish for a lifetime. Dave with his fun loving jokes and knowledge of sailing brought peace and Des with your warm, loving way and unbelievable chef skills made this trip!
Love you guys & thanks
Bill & Jean


BLOM GROUP 23 Feb - 2 March 2013


Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree 23 Feb - 2 March 2013
From Minnesota & Washington to BVI
What memories we have made...
10. Passing the Orange
09. Retrieving coconuts by paddle
08. Octopus sighting
07. Carrie B waterskiing in rough waters
06. Maria trying to conquer at musical chairs
05. Dez pulling Shannon off the stage while dancing to "Maria" at the full moon party!
06. Celebrating Ryan's 40th birthday party.
07. Dez's food, especially the.... EVERYTHING!!!
08. Beautiful blue waters and amazing sunsets!
09. Matt "King of the Conch"
10. Ryan falling off the dinghy dock & being the "Dinghy Captain".
Thank you for the AMAZING experience!! It's in our Pirate Blood! Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!
Hope to sail your boat again my friends. Until then, safe travels & remember... a friend never stands above you, a friend never stands below you, but a friend always stands beside you!
Love you both!

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for the fantastic voyage! You and the BVI will have a special place in my heart! My legs will be itching to water-ski on the startling blue waters of the Caribbean again and my belly will be rumbling for Key Lime Pie. Thanks for the memories of a lifetime!
Love, Carrie Berran

Dave & Des
Thanks for taking care of us and helping to create memories that will last a lifetime.
Matt Berran

Thank you for the best time ever! I will remember my 1st BVI voyage forever! You made it happen! Thanks to ya'all it is now in our blood! We will be back very soon. You drive it..... we shall clean it! Again, thank you for everything! We had a great time.
Love Maria & Jaime Harris

So Many wonderful memories will be in my heart & mind thanks to you both. We had a fabulous time & already itching to come back to see our new friends! Your expertise, knowledge, cooking & TOTAL FUN is the total complete package! Love the Quest! ARRRGGHH!! Maria.

Dave & Des
WOW! What else can we say? You made our catamaran sailing caper in the BVI as memorable as we could have ever hoped. Thank you for the wonderful meals, local sailing knowledge and phenomenal hospitality. It just wouldn't have been the same without you.
Love Meg & Greg Pietz

Dave & Desiree
Thank you both so much for all you did to make our friends 1st trip to the BVI a good one! We truly appreciate your expert hospitality. We had a fabulous time - maybe our paths will cross again someday. If not, safe travels. Thank you.
Carrie & Ryan Blom

Dave & Des
I would like to first thank you for your patience. Teaching me knots or getting me more bait or more hooks can be a little annoying, but you kept a smile on your faces and got the job done. This was my best trip to the BVI. If you are ever in Minnesota I will take you out fishing + you can lose some of my lures. No stress.
Ryan Blom




Dave & Dez
Who could have imagined a better crew to sail with on our first journey to the BVI's! Your hospitality was amazing, as well as your food, knowledge of the area and sailing! We will be back as long as we can sail with the two of you...

Dave... Captain Dave greatest BVI CAPTAIN! Aarrr we glad we sailed with you! Very knowledgeable about sailing. Everyday was "Amazing".

Delicious dishes by Dez! Entertaining us every day! Zen like atmosphere each day!

We would never judge a Captain by the size of his dinghy... (To the best dinghy Captain around)

You're Both Amazing! We hope to sail with you again!
Travis & Tracy Klein - Andy & Tammi Miller - Stacy & Craig Harbaugh - Ryan & Beccy Bertucci

Comments written on a card to us...

Dave & Des
I can't find the words to thank you for the absolutely amazing week we spent on board. This vacation has been better than I ever imagined and that has a lot to do with the both of you! Thanks for letting us share your home! I hope we get to sail with you again!
Safe Travels
Becky & Ryan Bertucci
PS: Think Beck said it all. You are both the best. Couldn't imagine spending the week that we've been planning with any other couple.

Dave & Des
No words could express how much we enjoyed being with you both! The Amazing food, the company and hospitality was so much more than we could have imagined! Thank you for the best experience of our lives!
Travis & Tracy Klein

Dave & Des
Thank you so much for letting us share your home with us for the last week! It's been an incredible ride and we enjoyed every second of it! Thanks for the great company and all the wonderful memories. Cheers!!
Tammi & Andy Miller

Thank you so much for a wonderful week and being such great hosts. We have learned a lot and enjoyed our new experiences. We wish you the best in your adventures.
Craig & Stacy Harbaugh


WISEMAN CHARTER Jan 26 - Feb 2/2013

Dear Dave & Desi

As we told you, the Willis's and Wisemans had a holiday on Quest in 2009. We had what was probably the best time we've ever had. We wanted to come back to the BVI because of the boat and because of the crew. The two of you absolutely did not disappoint! You made sure we had a PERFECT holiday. We felt that you honestly wanted our party to have a good time... ALL the time. You laughed with us (I hope it was WITH us and not AT us!) and you made us laugh. You gave us wonderful weather for the whole week. Desi, the food could not have been better. PERFECT!! We will come again! We can only hope the two of you will be with us. Thank you for the "NEW BEST HOLIDAY EVER"! We love you guys.
Craig & Toni Wiseman, Gordon & Sue Willis, Steve & Traci Kenyon

Captain Dave & Admiral Desi
We did it again thanks to you two! We enjoyed the food and company. We danced, we smiled, we laughed until we cried (Happy Tears!) We loved your hospitality and accepting manner. We are happy to be pirates ARRRR!!! Hope to meet again.
Love Gordon & Susie

Dave & Desi - I'm Starving... you should feed us!!! (Said with just a touch of sarcasm )
Thanks so much - Loved it!

Dear Double D's (Dave & Des - for those who can't figure it out.
Thank you sofa king much. I loved our time together and had the time of my life. Memories forever... and I'm still hungry!!!
Best Holiday Evah! (Love the accent font)
Team Scuba Steve
PS: You taught me to tell Traci she's "My Love" every time I speak to her.

BLAIN FAMILY CHARTER - 6 Jan to 11 Jan 2013

Dear Dave & Desiree
A very big thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Despite the weather, we had a great time and appreciate all you both did to make our trip special. The food was fantastic, and the coconut drinks were a nice touch. The diving was a big hit as well. We truly had a great time together as a family. Look forward to coming back when the water is flat! Best Wishes to you both.
The Blain Family
Al, Bobbi, AJ, Carly, Erin, McLaine & Bridger.

CROWE FAMILY CHARTER - 28 Dec to 5 Jan 2013

Thank you for your wonderful wisdom and hospitality. Desiree, your food was amazing (remember... I hung around chefs in Paris!!)
Dave, we loved your stories about the BVI's. Your kindness and spirit will never be forgotten and you both made our family vacation very memorable.
The Crowe Family
Chris, Megan, Caitlin, Tim, Dianne, Casey, Michelle & Molly - GO TEAM STEVE!!!


Dearest Desiree & Dave

There are very few times in my life when I find it difficult to say thank you in an appropriate way...

When we started talking about this trip last March I knew we were taking a chance of blowing a lot of money if things did not work out, OR, on the other side investing a lot of money on our most precious commodity - our family. We bet on the latter and took a leap of faith to create a trip for our family that would make memories for us to hold onto for the rest of our lives... AND... what happened? God shined on us like he has so very many times before and this entire experience has turned out to be the very most treasured and valued time we have ever spent together as a family. These moments, these memories, these pictures we will forever have in our hearts and in our minds cannot be put to a price - they are priceless and if I would've DREAMT in my wildest dreams that we would have met the two of you and that this trip would've meant this much to each of us, I would have paid ten times over.

You are genuinely amazing people and you have astounded and blessed us every day we have been here. You are empathetic, caring, patient, kind, compassionate, and have a zest that doesn't compare. This was not luck, it was ALL prayers answered in the most incredible way ever. We thank you both so very, very, very much for everything you have done for each and every one of us, but mostly for your friendship. We are so greatly blessed to know you. May God continue to shine on you and you on others. There is no gratuity that would be adequate of our thanks. Peace and blessings.



Dave & Desiree

Words cannot express how much you have made this voyage our most memorable yet. From welcoming night to Noelle's Purple Boa Party, to Christmas, you have truly become friends to us. Your patience & time spent with us and the girls have made this a true holiday. Thank you so much and look forward to Angela's 50th in 2014.



To the Captain (DJ Dave) and his Admiral (Desi)

I came on this journey and expected to have a great time, but I cannot put into words just how great it was. It truly was the trip of a lifetime. As for you two, we could not have hand-picked a better crew. I have also never seen anyone be so great and patient with the girls. Y'all really are two amazing people that I can now call my friends. I feel extremely fortunate that I was asked to go on this trip and that I was able to meet the both of y'all. I feel very blessed. Thank you so very much.



Dear Dave & Desiree

Honestly, we could not have had better people helping and guiding us. Both of you were just amazing. I have soooo many memories from this trip, being in the water, Dave's jokes, Desiree's cooking, scuba, and just so many other things. This trip has been awesome and it would not have happened without y'all. I honestly think that I will be seeing you again at least once. How does that sound eh? Thank you so much for everything. Y'all will not be forgotten.

Cheers - Rob


THOMAS CHARTER - THANKSGIVING 2012 November 18-25 2012

Dave & Desiree

Thanks for a great week aboard. You both worked very hard to make our trip memorable and we sincerely appreciate it. The food was wonderful and the drinks were always interesting and enjoyable.

Ben & Angela Thomas


Thank you for a great trip!

Jenny, Evie, Angela & Mary


Dear Desiree & Dave - November 18-25 - 2012

Thank you so much for letting us stay on your boat. I had a great time diving. Dave drove us around. He made great cocktails, set up MiFi2200, and helped us fish! Desiree made delicious meals and kept us in line! The diving was great and we had a ball. The boat was so clean and beautiful and the islands were amazing. We will miss being with you.

The Boys (Will & Trey) - Happy Thanksgiving


GORSUCH GROUP CHARTER - 7-13 October 2012

This trip was absolutely wonderful! The color of the water, the views, the bars! So fun & relaxing. The food was plentiful & excellently prepared. Dave & Des are very hospitable. We will definitely be back.

Bob & Denise Garland

Dear Desi & Dave
Thank you so much for a fun-filled trip!! Thoroughly enjoyed Soggy Dollar - Nilla Killas! How many times can bring your iPod & take over the bar? Well, we did it at Anagada!! That's Sam with a capital "S". That was one night I will never forget & think back on fondly!! So many laughs & drinks & dancing! Dave - you did an incredible job taking care of us all & making sure the fun never ends! Desi - thank you for all your delicious cooking & so much hard work and care of us all. I could go on & on, but it's time to go & get away from the hurricane! :)
Hugs, Lisa, Scott & Brother Will & Chase.


HARRIS CHARTER - 18-22 August 2012

What a beautiful and relaxing trip. It was the perfect get away from our too hectic lives back at home - and a wonderful family time. We are all so pleased with the trip. Dave is an able and entertaining Captain and Desiree is a perfect 1st Mate. Her cooking has spoiled us all. This is a very professional and caring couple and crew. They made us feel safe, at home, and well looked after. Now the Harris family is a happy part of the "Pirate Family"!!
Thank you Dave & Desiree - Britt & Julie Harris, Britton & Natalie, Matt & Jenny, Will & Beth.


BLAZEK CHARTER - 9-17 August 2012


To Captain Dave & Admiral Desiree
From The Blazeks, Houston, Texas
This was a great trip! We love the BVI's.
Dave & Desiree keep the boat immaculate. Food was great, views were spectacular... Loved It!
Blake Blazek

Thank you so much for the attention to detail, the wonderful food, the sea knowledge you shared and the memories we will now have for a lifetime!
Lisa Blazek


You guys helped make his week here super special... and for that... you ROCK!!